11 March 2010


This is black & white color shoulder bag.. preloved also.. seldom used.. mayb 2/3 times jer kot.. sgt cute also.. small size jer around 18cm x 15 cm.. reason jual pun same.. coz ade my bby mia around so more things to bring haha comes with dustbag & paper bag GUESS also.. Price ; RM250.00


this is preloved item.. still perfect okies.. my sis bought kat turkey.. selling it coz now dah ade baby so small handbag nie dh leh pakai huhu.. dis bag sgt cute.. purple color.. so those yg cute miut tuh bleh la pakai yer.. size around 18cm x 18cm gituh.. comes wif dustbag n paper bag GUESS yer ;D Price : RM250.00